Kyton’s Hot Cross Buns Are Back!


It’s officially March, and that means that the Hot Cross Buns are hitting the shelves in the (half) dozens. Of course, we’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to those delicious fruity spiced Easter treats we’ve got Balfours, Brumby’s, Woolies and Foodland, but most imporantly SA has got what we (and some official Hot Cross Bun awards) call the best Hot Cross Buns in Australia, Kytons.

In case you’re not familiar let us fill you in, Kytons has been an Adelaide institution for 80 years. Kytons has evolved through the decades – having a busy stall in the Adelaide Central Market from the 1940s to1980s, concentrating almost exclusively on fundraising from the mid 1980s to 2000s, then widening its scope to now be available in independent supermarkets and selected Woolworths across South Australia.

Oh, did we mention, they bake Hot Cross Buns. 1/2 million of them a year to be more specific.

Of course this Easter Kytons’ hasn’t given up on their community fundraising roots. Over 200 schools, community groups, sporting clubs and other charities will run a ‘Kytons Easter Fundraising Drive’.

This time of the year it’s the hot cross buns that have taken over Kytons factory in Edwardstown, “we’ll bake close to ½ million buns in the seven weeks leading up to Easter” says Sharon Sutton, owner and general manager of Kytons.

Kytons are also the bakers behind the famous Fru Choc Hot Cross Buns! What started out as a radio stunt featuring the two iconic SA Brands – Kytons and Robern Menz, six years ago, has become a “must have” Easter product for many South Australians.


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