We’ve Got The Lowdown On What Vinyasa Is And Why You Want To Do It


What the heck is Vinyasa yoga and why should I do it? This is the question that’s been floating around the Glam Adelaide office this week as we started looking into some winter exercise that won’t involve us freezing our noses off!

Turns out that Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word, pronounced vin-yah-sa. It literally translates as “to place in a special way”. In a vinyasa yoga class, you synchronise your breath with the poses to create a sense of flowing movement.

Vinyasa practice includes fluid movements. In simple terms: coordination of your limbs in some way. For those of us reading who are about as coordinated as a rogue Tupperware lid, don’t panic! The instructor will teach you the poses first. As long as you’re moving your body with your breath; that’s vinyasa.

Kel Newstead from Power Living Adelaide Yoga says, “vinyasa yoga is basically the opposite of falling asleep on the lounge and waking up with a crook neck. You’re moving on purpose, with purpose.”.

Kel has assured us that within a few classes, you get the hang of the poses, tempo, your breath and flow. Over time (think a few weeks or months), you start to become intuitively attuned to how you move. Over a lifetime, vinyasa is a practice you take off the mat and into your life.

Kel has given us 4 reasons why we should give vinyasa a shot, and really they’re pretty compelling.

You’re busy – so is Beyonce
Between picking up kids from school and eyebrow threading, yoga gives you an opportunity to slow down and pull out of the fast lane. It’s that age-old adage; if you think you don’t have time, you need it more. To choose time for ourselves and to place ourselves somewhere on purpose, with purpose.

Mindfulness is so hot right now
With vinyasa yoga, the time you spend on your mat is time you spend being present. For the uninitiated, that means not thinking about the past or the future. Instead, thinking about the breath in your lungs in any given moment. For many people, yoga is the one time of day when we stop doing so much and get back to just being.

Your body is the one place you have to live
For most of us, we have a list as long as Santa Claus’ about what we’d like to change about our bodies: more strength, more flexibility, maybe even a little more fitness. Vinyasa yoga offers a pathway to a powerful, strong and flexible body. When you walk out of class feeling like Wonder Woman (or Man), that feeling seeps into your day and directs positive lifestyle choices.

Imagine being in a beautiful big room with 30 people all moving and breathing in unison. Imagine these people are all there to positively craft their lives. This connection inwards and then outwards is what you’ll find and share with vinyasa yoga.

After hearing this lowdown vinyasa definitely sounds like an exercise we could give a shot.

Power Living is recognised as the leader in vinyasa yoga across Australia. They are experts in educating and empowering newcomers. The Power Living Adelaide Vinyasa 101 workshop coming up is designed to break down the basics in a welcoming an informative way and for you all they’ve added another bonus, Glam Readers are offered a discount of 10% off! Use the code GLAM101 when you book online HERE.

What: Vinyasa 101 Workshop
When: Saturday 30 June, 1:30pm – 4pm
Tickets: $45
Where: Power Living Adelaide Yoga, 60 Halifax St, Adelaide


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