Three Hour Delivery? Weekend Outfits Are Sorted Then


The weekend approaches and so does the inevitable panic over what to wear. If you’re anything like us you haven’t planned anything which would usually require a mad dash to the shops during your lunch break or accepting that you’ll just have to repeat an outfit. Well, that day is no more, because the first 3 hour delivery service has launched today in Adelaide!

Passel is a non-courier, entirely crowdsourced home delivery company which uses shoppers or people in the vicinity to deliver the items en route to home. It’s all organised through the Passel app which will pop up with a notification when the opportunity of a delivery appears. No stress though, the 3 hour delivery period is guaranteed!

As of now you can either order from Harvey/Seeker or Peter Shearers which covers enough of a variety of outfits to be a rescue for this weekend! We’ve compiled a lookbook of their products that are on our hotlist for your consideration:

Harvey The Label


Harvey The Label



We’ve got you covered too boys, here are some sleek suits that Peter Shearer are selling:

Peter Shearer


Find out more about Passal here and let your weekend outfit anxiety drift away!


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