This Tour Lets You Forage For Cherries, Berries And Bevvies In The Adelaide Hills!


We all know that an Australian Christmas is a little different to other parts of the world—we get sun instead of snow and icy, cold beers straight from the esky instead of hot cocoa spiked with rum—but that just makes our celebrations all the more unique.

The hot sun also means we have an overabundance of summertime fruits. There’s nothing quite like walking between rows of trees, plucking cherries from their heavy laden branches, or crouching amongst leafy bushes, searching for ruby red berries between greenery.

Not only is picking fruit a delicious experience, but it’s an experience that brings together family and friends to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

And so, to celebrate the magic of an Adelaide Christmas, a hands-on foraging, food and wine experience that encapsulates the best of what is ripe, seasonal, organic, and wild in the Adelaide Hills was born, just in time for Christmas.

Set to take place from 4pm to 9:45pm Wednesday December 19 (via return coach from Victoria Square), guests will have a chance to escape the Christmas madness for a hands-on experience including raspberry, cherry, and wild food foraging from nature and its curators.

After a stop to forage and learn about nutritious wild edibles at a creek along the way, guests will visit an organic cherry orchard recently acquired by James Erskine of Jauma Wine. Whilst there, guests will also be provided with delicious local and wild food to graze on. Or as James suggests they can, “chill, picnic, pick some cherries, dream, breathe, and just flop in the grass if that’s your thing.”

There will also be an exclusive tour of an organic raspberry orchard by producer David Cornish where they also grow several other berries, red currants, and more. And some more wild foraging for edible weeds and fruits, such as watercress, wild mint, and blackberry (if ripe/available).

Apart from organic berry and cherry picking and sampling, there will also be some delicious natural wine tasting. And there will be an opportunity to take home raspberries, jams, curds, vinegars, natural wine, and more at farm-gate prices.

The tour sounds like a celebration of all things Christmas in Adelaide and an opportunity to obtain delicious treats for your Christmas trees and tables!

Tickets for Forage for Cherries Berries Wild Food and Bevies are $78 -$135 and can be snapped up via Eventbrite.



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