The Ultimate Australian Fruit Cup Is Launching This Weekend


Summer is officially here. And it’s almost as if Never Never Distilling Co. and Marionette Liqueur have read our minds and know exactly what we need to kickstart this summertime goodness. Obviously we’re talking about the ultimate Australian Fruit Cup.

The Fancy Fruit Cup combines Never Never’s award-winning Triple Juniper Gin with Marionette’s barrel-aged Orange Curaçao, Australian and international spices, and Earl Grey tea for a uniquely Australian aperitif.

The fruit cup is a gin-based drink steeped in English history – enjoyed at Wimbledon, The Ashes and barmy garden parties. It is usually served long, topped with lemonade and ginger ale, and garnished with a bouquet of fresh fruit such as cucumber, strawberry, orange, lemon and mint. (You may also be familiar with the most famous expression, Pimms). 

The Fancy Fruit Cup pays homage to this tradition while highlighting uniquely Australian fruit and botanicals, for a more modern, complex and luxurious beverage. It’s definitely a must-try! 

With Christmas coming up, the Fancy Fruit Cup is destined to sit alongside fresh Australian seafood and the classic pavlova with ease and elegance.

“For the ultimate Fancy Fruit Cup serve, pour 45ml in a glass of ice, add equal parts quality lemonade and ginger ale and top with your favourite fruit.” says Sean Baxter, Never Never Brand Director.  

“Classically a fruit cup plays off the intricate spice of the gin, relying heavily on the juniper back bone – enter Never Never,” says Nick Tesar, founder and all-round flavour ninja at Marionette.

“The addition of tea for tannin structure and citrus, in this case in the form of the Marionette Orange curacao – a blend of navel, Seville and blood oranges creates an incredible match.”

Never Never Distilling Co. launched their signature Triple Juniper Gin in August 2017 and it has quickly become a popular choice in some of the best bars in Australia for its bold juniper flavour.

The Fancy Fruit Cup will launch on December 1 (the first day of summer) at Gincident, a festival dedicated to the best Australian gins. Following this, it will feature at rooftop bars around the country, starting with 2KW in Adelaide – just in time for the test cricket.

So if you’re not doing anything on December 1 and want to be among the first to try the Fancy Fruit cup, then be sure to head to Gincident. Check out our article here for more details on Gincident.


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