The Duke Of Brunswick’s Kitchen Is Going Entirely Gluten Free!


CBD pub, The Duke of Brunswick announced last week that their kitchen is going entirely gluten free!

In a move that will fulfil the dreams of Adelaide coeliacs, the pub will serve a completely gluten free menu with zero risk of cross contamination.

Publican, Simone Douglas, took over the hotel about a year ago and she credits the change to her kitchen team. Head chef, Dave, and the rest of team have worked tirelessly over the past few weeks to ensure the menu retains the charm of pub fare whilst being entirely coeliac friendly.

“Everything was pretty much gluten free already but we would always have people raise concerns.” She said

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The team have also sourced producers who are giving them 100% gluten free products, with Riviera Bakery being their answer to gluten free bread that tastes like normal bread. There’s also no ‘may contain traces of gluten’ warnings that we coeliacs have learned to shy away from.

The date that the changeover is to happen is Monday the 14th of January. Sunday night, the kitchen will go through a massive clean and overhaul to prevent the risk of cross contamination.

Simone knew this change would not only work but bring in a world of good for those who suffer from the disease. Telling us that patrons couldn’t even tell the difference between the gluten free options and their more wheat based alternatives.

Image sourced via Facebook @thedobSA

The best part for Simone, however, is that families with coeliac children can now feel comfortable taking their kids out for a meal. The DOB is now a long overdue option for families who had no completely safe options.

The Duke of Brunswick is a recent winner of the Best Business Making Adelaide A More Liveable City award, and we can’t agree more. It’s a huge move for an Adelaide hotel to make so make sure you book ahead of visiting by calling 8410 7079.

Source: The Duke of Brunswick

Where: 207 Gilbert Street, Adelaide, SA 5000
When: Monday 14 January, 2019



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