Get Cosy With Cats In Adelaide’s Purr-emiere Cat Cafe


Feeling lonely this winter? Need someone to listen to you without judgement? Prefer a companion with fur? Then you need to check out Adelaide’s premiere cat cafe Hashtag Meow. After seeing the popularity of cat cafes all around the world, this family owned business jumped on the chance to unite cat-less visitors and these majestic felines.

If a room full of cats lounging in comfort (sometimes on you) is your version of heaven then this is the spot to visit. While you’re there grab a coffee or a milkshake, it is a cafe after all. There’s also no stopping you from taking your drinks in when you’re in the cat lounge!

Upon arrival you can either sit in the cafe enjoying a drink or pop into the cat lounge for either 30 minutes ($6) or an hour ($12) + complimentary drink. Hashtag Meow has been super popular with visitors so make sure you book a reservation when you’re planning on going since there are usually only 12 people allowed in the lounge at a time (can fit more but better to book your spot).

Perfect spot for families and people of all ages, so if you can’t for whatever reason have a cat of your own then this is the place to head to for the next best thing!

If you do, however, have a kitty at home too you can also grab them some Cat Champagne and treats while you’re ordering for yourself! Hashtag Meow also has a cat boarding for owners who are popping out of the city for a while and need their feline friends taken care of.

Weekdays: 11am – 5pm
Weekends: 10am – 6pm

499 Payneham Rd, Felixstow SA 5070


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