Fringe Review: Yianni Agisilaou – Teaching a Robot to Love


Presented by and Serious Comedy
Reviewed 22nd February 2017

Yianni Agisilaou – Teaching a Robot to Love is an hour of intelligent conversation about Artifical Inteliengence and what it means for society both now and in the future. Yianni has again proven why he is an award-winning comedy and in my opinion is the must see comedian of Adelaide Fringe. Like all the ones before it, this is another example of just how much thought Yianni puts into his shows and the sheer genius that comes from it. It’s not very often you walk out of a comedy show feeling well educated and utterly refreshed by the sheer joy his type of comedy brings.

This show appeals to absolutely everyone for the sheer fact that we can all relate to the material in some way, shape or form. Whether it be saying ‘ok Goggle’ or ‘hey Siri’ on a daily basis or maybe you just wonder how long it will be until your boss replaces you with an artificial intelligent device in a robot body, technology is all around us and it is getting a mind of its own.

I can’t tell you anymore about how fantastic this show is without giving the content away and Yianni is so much better at describing it than me. So my advice: go and see the show! And then go and see Comedians Against Humanity because then you get double Yianni and you will be so full of laughs you will completely forget about the worry that is associated with the potential of one day loosing your job to artificial intelligence.
I am so glad he gave up being a Lawyer to become a Comedian because the world really does need people like Yianni making it brighter for others which is something artificial intelligence can never do.

Reviewed by Tara Forbes-Godfrey

Rating out of 5:  5

Venue: Gluttoney- The Piglet
Season: Feb 22nd – March 4th (excluding Monday)
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets:  $19.50-$25



Witty, Intelligent and absolutely hilarious

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