Fringe Review: Ben Hart: Belief?


Presented by Lee Martin for Gag Reflex
Reviewed 10 March 2018

Like a majority of people I have seen a number of magician’s/illusionists perform on television over the years but never have I seen one preform live.  Not knowing what to expect from Ben Hart’s Belief? I was pleasantly surprised by his perfect blend of magic, theatre, psychological commentary and a dash of humour which had my friend and I excitedly discussing the show well into the night.

Every aspect of Ben Hart’s show is designed to make you think and question what you believe is possible.  His topics range from interesting anecdotes to psychological theories which tie in well to help set up his tricks before he shocks the audience with his incredible sleight of hand.

Ben may be new to the Adelaide Fringe but he brings with him an impressive bio.  He’s preformed to sell-out crowds in Singapore, Beirut, Dubai and London, just to name a few places.  As well as starring in three shows on the BBC.

I walked into Ben’s show as a sceptic, certain I would be able to watch closely and figure out how his tricks were done but I was left gobsmacked after every trick.

There is some crowd participation involved which would usually have a wall flower like myself on edge for the whole performance but I felt so invested in the show and wanting to see the tricks as close as possible that even I was ready to jump up if called upon.

Whether you’re a sceptic or a believer Ben Hart Belief? is the show for you.  Gone are the days of the bad costumes and cheesy assistants.  Ben Hart will have you believing in magic or at the very least have you questioning if you choose knowledge or belief? (Seem like an odd question? Maybe you should see the show).

Reviewed by Jessica Incoll
Instagram: @littlejsadventures

Rating: 5/5

Season: Until 18 March 2018
Parasol Lounge at Gluttony
60 mins
$25 – $34


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