Beau’s Pet Hotel Is Here To Stop Your Long Distance Pet Anxiety


You know when you’re on holiday or a business trip and all you’re thinking about is your cute pet and how lonely it must be for them without your personal care and attention. Oh yeah, this is a worry we all have, but we’ve got the solution for you – Beau’s Pet Hotel.

It’s the premier accommodation for dogs and cats in a huge facility just off Adelaide Airport (makes drop-offs and pickups super easy). For your dog you can choose between Premier, Deluxe or Classic suite and for your cats there are two-story penthouse condos or a single loft condo.


Your pet also won’t be languishing in their room all day, there is plenty of supervised playtime indoors and outdoors. Kitties get access to the Atrium, an indoor courtyard which glows with lots of natural light, climbing walls, a soothing water feature and a huge screen tv for your kitty to watch their favourite shows like they would at home.

They’re also operated by Guide Dogs SA/NT (Australia’s Most Trusted Charity) so you can rest easy knowing your little pupper and kitty are truly being taken care of. With professionals carers and highly qualified staff, Beau’s will really make your furry friend’s stay the best vacation of their life. It’s honestly 5-star accommodation for your pet.

What’s most heartwarming is that all proceeds go to Guide Dogs to aid South Australians living with disabilities, so treat your pet to a stay at Beau’s Pet Hotel and know that you’re helping someone who really needs it by doing so.

Have you got a trip planned? Book here and rest easy knowing your pet is about to have a comfortable stay.


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