Changes Are Coming To The Mount Lofty Trail That You Need To Know About


Mount Lofty, the conquerable staple in our lives (perhaps easier to climb than Everest) but somehow giving us a feeling of accomplishment whenever we overlook our city from the summit.

Well, the trail is undergoing some changes in the coming months with the State Government committing 2.9 million to upgrades so you might have to keep this mind as you and your workout buddy make plans to climb the imposing mountain.

You might remember 2016 through a series of highlights (or lowlights) with the election of Donald Trump, the end of Brangelina and more storms than we knew how to handle in humble Adelaide. Our trails also suffered with creek banks losing edge stability, broken boardwalks and hazardous cracks in the trail surface that have only grown worse as time went by.

The upgrades are said to be the resolution to these issues, improving durability so that following storms don’t cause the same degree of damage and increasing public safety.

So whether you’re training for grander climbs, or just having a healthy catch up with a friend, you should source alternative trails or make time for longer detours since upgrades are scheduled to finish in 2019.


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