Your Face in the Froth? Selfie Coffee Is Coming To Adelaide!


What’s more important than the glam morning selfie you strategically snap before work? Your morning coffee run! You don’t get froth on your face, you get your face in the froth!

Juniper And Pine recognised just those two important things in life and are introduceing – drum roll please,  SELFIE COFFEE!  If you are specific about how personalised you like your coffee, then look no further! It can’t get much more intimate than gazing into your very own eyes whilst drinking your fave coffee.

Basically, before ordering your coffee, you are required to take a bomb selfie before then sending it to the specialised coffee machine which will then create a replica of your selfie, by printing drinkable powder on latte foam. May we be the first to say, how E.X.T.R.A.

You will find this little treasure treat down in Brighton at 2/450 Brighton Rd, Brighton. Check out their Facebook and Instagram for updates on when you can treat yourself to yourself!


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