You’ll Forget How Chilly It Is Outside With Cos 18 Leigh’s New Winter Menu


We get very excited about winter time in the Glam office for one very delicious reason—all the best food graces the menus during this chilly time of year! Think of those smokey wood-oven pizzas, rich and glazy roasts still steaming from the oven, or warm and gooey desserts (with a side of ice cream, of course, because that tastes better in winter too).

Do we need any more reasons to get super excited whenever anyone announces a new winter menu?! We think not. You can’t blame us for dreaming of those decadent and toasty flavours that only come out when the weather gets bleak.

So you can bet we gave a little jump for joy when local faves, Cos 18 Leigh, told us they were welcoming a delightful number of winter warmers to their menu.

We’re talking a sous-vide lamb rack with roasted heirloom carrots, beetroot and broccolini alongside by a liquorice jus to shake things up a little. Or how does a classic Shepherd’s pie taken to the next level sound? It includes pulled lamb topped with truffle oil pomme puree (ooh, fancy) and a side roasted vegetables. Yum!

And of course, no winter menu is complete without a selection of desserts. While Cos 18 Leigh still boast their delicious dessert wines, they’ve added two mouth-watering dishes including a traditional crème brûlèe with vanilla bean ice cream and a dark chocolate brownie with berry compote, hot chocolate foam and vanilla bean ice cream… which both sound like literally the perfect end to any night.

All these newbies look as wonderful as they sound, so we’re willing to bet they taste even better! Check out some snaps of the newest dishes below—but be aware they’ll probably make your stomach rumble…

Photos by Emily Wong


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