Wish You Had A F*** You Suit Like Conor McGregor?


If you keep up with anything social media, no doubt you’ve had a glimpse of Conor McGregor’s ‘F*** You’ suit. Basically the story goes, UFC Champion Conor McGregor has balls of steel and gives no f***s. To prove it, in the lead up to one of the most highly anticipated matches against another crazy good fighter, Floyd Mayweather, McGregor wore what looked like a regular pin stripe suit. In actual fact, it was rows of tiny lettering, spelling out the words ‘F*** You’… not big enough for the cameras, but large enough for his opponent to read, and be enraged.

Within a day and a half of the suit going viral, Michael Bois of Beg Your Pardon, an Adelaide owned and operated tailoring business, was inundated with requests for dupes of McGregor’s suit.

While we don’t see you getting much use out of the suit, if you really want it, we can assure you that he’s the Adelaide man you’d want to visit. Specialising in premium cloth suiting, both made-to-measure and off-the-rack: he can do anything, though his advice to anyone who wants the suit is: don’t be ridiculous.

If you think going to a suit tailor means having an old Italian man measure your inseam, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Beg Your Pardon. Michael is young, but not so young that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. When you meet him, it’s clear he keeps up with the trends. In his small yet trendy shop, it’s evident that he’s not about mass produced (money-making) suiting. He’s in this purely for his love of suiting, and what a great suit can do for a man. Tailoring his service almost as well as his suits, he’s put in the time and effort to understand the human form and that no two bodies are the same.

McGregor’s suit, according to Michael, would have cost upwards of $8,000. But you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a made-to-measure suit for it to be quality though. Michael’s suits starting from $1500. He’ll measure you and throw the numbers into a computer program, which will then make a 3D rendering of your body. Next, a laser will cut your suit out of the fabric, so there’s very little room for error. Sure, you can buy a suit off the rack and have it tailored, but it will never look as good as a made-to-measure suit.

When buying a suit, most people look for the Super number, which is a number typically between 80 and 200, that basically shows how many yards they can get from the thread (similar to thread count in sheets). While this is somewhat important, it doesn’t matter if the suit is made with Super 200’s if the cloth is made in a dodgy mill in China. You wouldn’t just fork out money on just any Bordeaux wine, you look for a credible winery to buy from, and it’s the same with suits.

Michael recommends you look for the Woolmark Gold Weaver Cloth logo to ensure the cloth has been made in a credible mill. Woolmark Gold is a hallmark of craftsmanship and quality control which only a small group of companies can ever achieve, so you know you’re getting what you’ve paid for. This is why he chooses to get his Australian and New Zealand Merino fabrics woven by Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, Reda 1865, Vitale Barberis Canonico and other, officially recognised, Woolmark Gold Weavers.

Dressing everyone from Adelaide United players to some of Adelaide’s most elite, you’ll be in fantastic company wearing a suit from Beg Your Pardon. You can’t buy Michael’s suits online, so you’ll have to make an appointment to head in store and meet him yourself.


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