Why This Adelaide Supermarket Is Changing The Way We Eat


Imagine a place in the world where you live longer, eat better, feel healthier. They exist in small pockets around the world called Blue Zones, and they’re rare, only five have been identified. Sardinia in Italy, Okinawa in Japan, Nicoya in Costa Rica, Loma Linda in California and Ikaria in Greece. The last of which is the birthplace of the Adelaide Finest Supermarkets business patriarch, Nick Chapley.

Mr Nick has incorporated the Ikarian ideals that he was born into, that of the importance of family values, strongly plant-based diets, ongoing physical activity and a strong tie to the community. This is why when you walk in the Pasadena and Frewville supermarkets it feels like you’re part of a close-knit community.

Mr Nick began his journey during WW2 when the occupation of Greece forced he, his brother, and his mother to flee to the Middle East where they lived in refugee camps for years, from there they migrated to Australia in 1949 to reunite with Spero Chapley Senior, Nicks father. Nick was very quickly inducted into the business world with his brother as they became business partners in their family-owned cafe in NSW.

This combination of the values of family and his hardworking history in business has been passed on to Nicks son Spero who is the current Director of Adelaide’s Finest Supermarket. The inspirations from Ikaria remain in their business ethos today.

Ikaria is a place conducive with old age, residents are likely to reach the age of 90+ and the lack of instances of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia are all due to a lifestyle that the Chapley family want to incorporate for their community. The secret? A life of little stress where a healthy diet, a social life and consistent exercise is extremely valued.

Blue Zone Dining Experience

Maintain your own vegetable garden, walk in nature, pick fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts and spend special time with your friends and family. Something so common with Ikarian’s is the importance of upbringing with parents having an important role in the social upbringing of their children.

If you walk through the supermarkets in Frewville and Pasadena you will see a golden wing on the uniforms of the employees, signifying the Greek myth of Icarus and Daedalus where the latter created golden wings for himself and his son to escape exile. The wing is placed to signify the companies vision where the strength of ordinary people is celebrated. Differences within individuals are welcomed and a healthy lifestyle promotes trust between team members and the company.

This dedication to community is present in Mr Nicks work in establishing a charity foundation that not only supports disadvantaged youths but provides employment opportunities for South Australians. All with the family-oriented philosophy that Mr Nick wants the community to feel a part of.


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