What Do You Get When Rock Music Meets A String Quartet? FourPlay!


Described as “the rock band of string quartets” by Neil Gaiman, FourPlay String Quartet are definitely not your average string quartet. Their new album, Bound, began as a riff inspired by Jack White and Beyoncé, written out of a spontaneous jam, with vocals added later by Lara Goodridge with lyrics about staring life’s challenges down while taking responsibility for who we are and who we love.

It’s not just the thought-provoking lyrics that makes FourPlay so unique, but their sound– although the album has an immediately distinctive FourPlay feel, it simultaneously explores exhilirating new territory. The new single ‘Bound’ includes a gorgeous, dirty riff that pulls you in, with soaring vocals and a deeply melodic chorus. Have a listen to the single on Soundcloud and let yourself be surprised by just how electric a string quartet can sound!

Don’t miss FourPlay as they showcase Bound along with tracks from their entire career in Adelaide at Trinity Sessions on Sunday, 3rd June. Every concert ticket includes a free download of Bound, so get yours here!


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