What Do Aussies Dislike The Most About Travelling? New Research Dishes The Dirt


Bad weather and missed flights are among our top holiday peeves, with new data revealing three in 10 Aussies rate bad weather as the thing they dislike the most about holidaying, second to cancelled or delayed transport.

The findings come from a nationally representative survey of 1000 Australian adults commissioned by HotelsCombined, one of the world’s leading hotel price comparison platform, and conducted by an independent research agency.

When it comes to the top peeves for Aussies on holiday, unsurprisingly, the survey revealed we also dislike jetlag and disrupted sleep due to difference time zones, with 15 per cent of us ranking this as the thing we dislike the most about holidaying.

Currency conversion fees and planning their holiday activities at a destination are also vexes for Aussies, with 12 per cent and nine per cent, respectively, listing these as a dislike.

While an estimated 9.9 million Australians embarked on overseas travel last year, it seems travel time and long-haul flights are still something that bother us about holidaying, with nine per cent of survey respondents listing travelling to a destination as their number one peeve.

We might love being connected to our devices, but the data also revealed more of us are using holidays as a digital detox, with just six per cent of Aussies saying they dislike additional mobile phone costs and poor Wi-Fi at their destination.

Interestingly, the data showed that we are open to new experiences when on holiday, with few Aussies ranking experiencing other food (3%) and other cultures (1%) as something they dislike.

Chris Rivett, Head of Marketing at HotelsCombined Australia and New Zealand, says: “A holiday is a special and rare occasion for most travellers, and it is unsurprising that many of us are willing to take more risks and try new activities that we normally wouldn’t at home. Given the expense and preparation that goes towards a trip, we are also more likely to be frustrated by little things like an overcast day or flight delay when on holiday.”

“Our research revealed that planning for a holiday at a destination is something that many Aussies dislike, indicating the importance of having flights, activities and accommodation booked well ahead of time so you can sit back and relax. It’s also advisable to research the typical climate of a destination before booking a trip so you can ensure the best possible stay.”

Top 10 things Aussies dislike the most about holidays:

Bad weather29%
Cancelled or delayed flight19%
Jetlag and sleep being disrupted by time zones15%
Currency conversion fees12%
Travelling to a destination9%
Additional mobile phone costs and poor Wi-Fi6%
Experiencing other food3%
Experiencing other cultures1%



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