We’ve Found A Sanctuary For Men That Does Manis and Pedis


Far away from the hustle and bustle of your average nail salon, this podiatrist/salon offers a private, relaxing environment for your guy to get his nails done. The MediPedi Nail Spa has updated their treatment menu with a package specifically intended for the lads.

Mr MediPedi is a 45-minute treatment for fellas’ feet that begins with a foot bath to soften up those callouses from a hard day’s yakka and followed by a 25-minute podiatry treatment that focuses on nails, hard skin and cracked heels.The indulgent treatment then completes with MediPedi’s nail therapists shaping your nails and providing an indulgent foot and lower leg massage.

The other new addition to their beauty menu is the Maintain-Me MediPedi, a 45-minute service aimed at their more regular customers who would visit every 4-6 weeks and want a professional freshening up. Beginning with a 15-minute podiatry treatment, followed a lovely soak in a foot bath and finishing up with MediPedi’s Beauty Therapists, who will cut and shape your nails, moisturise and polish.

Apart from these two new additions, MediPedi still offer their wonderful range of manicures, pedicures, podiatry and medical pedicures. The difference between MediPedi Nail Spa and your local nail salon is so much more than just their elegant shopfronts and interiors, it’s owned by podiatrists with years’ experience in practice to offer a reliable, safe and informed approach to pedicures, manicures and other beauty therapies. The other great thing about that is that if you have private health cover, some of the costs of the procedures is refundable. They’re also just amazing at making your hands and feet look totally stunning.

MediPedi Nail Spa has two locations in Norwood and Unley. They’re currently offering their customers a Mother’s Day discount on the Signature MediPedi treatment (down to $110), so grab your mum a gift voucher to give her a pampering on her special day.

To book your MediPedi appointment, head to their website. Follow their Facebook and Insta to keep up to date with special offers and new treatments.


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