Wave Off Adelaide Boy Tomorrow As He Departs On Charity Ride Around The World


At only 18 years old, Jimmy Ashby is embarking on a remarkable 7-9 month trip around the world with only a backpack of supplies and his trusty custom curve bike.

Travelling to 18 different countries and across 4 continents, Jimmy is deadset on reaching 29,000 km which will make him the youngest person to have ever completed this journey, but he insists it’s not for “the record”, it’ll just be an added bonus if he scores it. The journey will take 6 legs, starting in Australia, to New Zealand, the US, Europe, Asia and back to Australia for the finale of the tour.

It sounds like a crazy adventure filled with excitement and growth, but thats not the only reason why Jimmy is undertaking this challenge, he’s doing it to raise money for MND Australia, the organisation that is researching for a cure for Motor Neurone Disease. Patients who suffer from MND will lose function in all of their muscles in the span of two years while their brains function perfectly. Jimmy was touched by MND at a very young age when he lost his beloved gran to the illness making it a cause very close to his heart.

Yet Jimmy’s set some big expectations for himself, he’s hoping to get at least a dollar per kilometre he rides which he hopes will amount to $29,000 for the 29,000 kilometres he’s riding around the world. On top of that he’s also got rules to abide by on the trip to make sure he’s doing it the ‘true way’. His journey has to go in the same direction, west to east and start and end in the same spot. He has to hit the two antipodal points across the world, which for him will be Wellington, New Zealand and Madrid Spain. Finally, there cant be any help from e-bikes or motors, just under his own skill and power.

Jimmy will set off on Saturday the 21st of April from the Victoria Square fountain straight to Melbourne riding along the east coast to finish his first leg of the tour in Brisbane. Join in at 10 am to wave him off and you can support Jimmy’s trip by donating to find a cure for MND here.


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