Vegemite Smoothies Actually Exist!


The iconic Aussie spread – Vegemite, has been thrown into chocolate and pasta dishes. But now, a Vegemite smoothie? This is a creative one, Boost Juice! You either love it or hate it, and we assume that regardless of preference you’re bound to give this a try.

Its made with a mixture of Vegemite, banana, dates, chocolate powder, milk, vanilla yoghurt and ice. Sounds pretty good, right? Drinkable? The daring smoothie is combined with actually tasty ingredients, which should mean it automatically is delicious.

Boost has just launched an Aussie Milk Bar Range including a decadent Rocky Road and Cookie & Cream drinks as well as the Vegemite Smoothie.

This is probably the ultimate breakfast smoothie for those who run late and forget to grab their Vegemite on toast. Gotta get those important B Vitamins in your diet somehow!

Available for only one month, so if you’re a serious vegemite lover, get on that (and tell us what you think!).


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