Vegan FruChocs Are Hitting The Shelves


Vegan? Chocolate lover? This one’s for you! The heavenly Menz FruChocs are available vegan and have just been announced they’re a new addition to their 150g range.

This will be the first time you can find a pack of dark chocolate vegan FruChocs next to regular FruChocs at the supermarket. In other words, super exciting news for dairy free and or vegan FruChocs fans.

If you’re in the loop you’ll know there’s been limited amounts of vegan FruChocs hitting the shelves of selected supermarkets and The FruChocs Shops. However, as soon as they hit the shelves they sell out.

What started as a trial in their three retail outlets, The FruChocs Shops, quickly became one of their top sellers.

“It far surpassed our expectations and we had trouble meeting the demand when they were first released. The response on social media was amazing; the support from the vegan community was overwhelming. It didn’t take long before we had supermarkets contacting us wanting to range them. Before we knew it, we were selling them to individual stores directly in our 500g shop bags and bulk, and they were flying off the shelves.”

In addition to The FruChocs Shops, the vegan friendly FruChocs can now be found in 20 Independent Supermarkets across South Australia.

To reach the growing vegan demand, the addition of the NEW dark chocolate vegan 150g bags ought to satisfy the craving becoming a permanent part of the range.

Robern Menz CEO, Phil Sims commented that they really are responding to heightened consumer demand within the growing market for vegan products.

“It became increasingly apparent that the demand was there for a vegan friendly option. We’ve had many enquiries over the years for a vegan FruChoc and are really excited to be able to provide more options to our vegan community.”

The demand internationally for vegan and vegetarian food increased by 987% in 2017 – It is the biggest food trend of the coming year!

Look out in your local Romeo’s supermarket for the new addition!


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