University Of Adelaide And Uni SA Talk Plans To Create ‘Super Uni’


Just when we thought the Universities were done with renovations and new buildings, they’ve shocked us with a new idea that could change the way we study at universities across South Australia forever.

On Tuesday 19th June, it was announced that the University of Adelaide has been talking with the University of South Australia about merging to create a ‘Super Uni’. The universities are currently investigating the benefits of merging and whether merging would create a stronger institution that delivers the best possible outcomes for their students.

The University of Adelaide have stated that the announcement is the start of a conversation and exploration, not a destination. Although nothing is final just yet, we can only imagine what a ‘Super Uni’ would bring to Adelaide.

A joint governance group and management group will be established to oversee governance and consultation and the universities will also be bringing some very experienced leaders in this area, to help assist and guide the potential project.

The University of Adelaide alongside the University of South Australia feel that now is a great time to make a change like this as education (nationally and internationally) is constantly changing along with the requirements for many different work places and careers. The universities in Adelaide need to stay ‘in the loop’ with what’s happening to ensure the best education and outcomes possible for Adelaide Uni students.

If this proposal is given the green light, we hope that the ‘Super Uni’ will bring all our uni students broader pathways, higher education and larger access to education for all South Australians.

We are so excited to see where this intriguing idea will lead us!


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