Travelling Bar Bringing A Touch Of Tuscany To Adelaide


Tuscany is coming to Adelaide. Zooming in on a Piaggio Apè, Adelaide’s newest pop up mobile bar is here to make summer just that little bit better (if possible, that is). Champagne Co has been transformed into Bicchiere Bar, and we couldn’t be more excited to formally introduce you to one another.

They now feature with a further selection of delicious apertifs, from Aperol to Pimms to Gin to everything else in between, the Bicchiere Bar is going to be your ‘go-to’ for endless choices of drinks meshed with a European vibe. With a fresh design and quirky vibe, you can be reassured that the bar is going to bring fun times with them wherever they go, whatever the occasion.

Inspired by their humble roots in Tuscany as well as their large Italian families, owners ilario Scali and David Rocca wish to transport you to Europe with their service and style. We’re told that an eclectic mix of sass and class, nice and naughty is what you can expect from Bicchiere Bar… (which essentially just means a whole lot of fun). 

If you’re anything like us, you’ll agree that life is better when you are smiling under the summer night sky with a champagne in hand, celebrating life and the people in it. And the pop up Bicherre Bar makes it totally possible for you to do this, at any point in time and anywhere…Which if you ask us, is just perfect!

This weekend Bicchiere Bar will be popping up at the Summer Bridal Ideas Expo 2018 at the Adelaide Showgrounds, so pop in and get yourself a refresher while having a look around!

Keep track of Bicchiere Bar via their Facebook and Instagram for all the updates of where to hunt down this delicious cart!


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