Top 6 Myths About Travel Agents Debunked


Ever since Jetstar delivered us Afterpay we’ve been thinking about booking a quick trip. Which also got us to thinking about booking ourselves, or using a travel agent. Of course, travel agents come with a huge set of myths about how  “travel agents charge extra” or “they don’t pass on savings to clients” which, as avid travel agent users (so convenient!) we thought we’d team up with Peregrine Travel Centre SA to help debunk these.

Myth #1 – Travel agents charge more!

Turns out travel agents have access to all the prices tour operators, hotels or airlines advertise themselves online and they don’t add on any extra for booking with them – in fact, sometimes they have access to special industry rates that the public may not see online!

Myth #2 – I have all the information I need online

We don’t know about all, but the travel agents at Peregrine have been to all 7 continents (numerous times) and they’ve not only experienced most destinations and travel styles, but they’ve sent thousands of clients all over the world. They use this knowledge and experience to help their clients put together the perfect tailor-made itinerary!

Myth #3 – It’s easier to do it online

Some things may seem easier to book online, but with accommodation, transfers, insurance, tours, sightseeing experiences and more it can become a little overwhelming and it’s easy to forget things. Travel agencies are a one stop shop for all things travel!

Myth #4 – Travel agents can only book certain products

Travel agents can book almost everything through their systems. They can book through websites such as Expedia, which means as well as their own industry only platforms, they have access to even more options and prices (read: possibly cheaper flights!)!

Myth #5 – There’s nothing extra a travel agent can offer me

Some travel experiences are straightforward, however, did you know that getting a visa to visit a country like Oman requires an application to be lodged through their police association? If you have no idea of the entry requirements of a country or no idea how to lodge a visa application, then travel agents can help you with this!

Myth #6 – They can’t help me while I’m traveling

If something goes wrong while you are overseas, it’s reassuring to know you have someone back home who can help you through it. Whether you have an accident and need to make a claim through your insurance (trust us, it happens), or a flight is delayed, and you have to move another two flights as a result, you can contact your travel agent and they will help you sort out your issues!

Turns out, people might be wrong about using a travel agent, we really can’t see the downside. We’re just about ready to do some research and book an appointment, Bora Bora is calling.

For more details on travel agents, head to the Peregrine blog, where there’s even more detail on these myths, and how a travel agent can help you with your next vaycay.


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