This Surefire Adelaide Fringe Hit Won’t Leave You Hanging By A Thread


It’s getting to THAT time of the year again, yes I know it’s nearly Christmas but that also means it’s also nearly Adelaide Fringe Time and we have already found a show that is bound to be a hit!

Presented by One Fell Swoop Circus, By A Thread is a mesmerising performance showcasing the raw strength of seven dynamic acrobats as they redefine aerial acrobatics with one thirty metre piece of rope aka amazing and will leave you speechless!

Co-directed by Charice Rust and Jonathan Morgan, the Melbourne based company will grace the Peacock stage in Gluttony across 15 nights during the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Charice Rust says, “We’re stoked to be performing for the adventurous Adelaide audiences who appreciate and engage in the arts so deeply… Circus is such a powerful art form because what you see is exactly what you get – no smoke and mirrors!”

By A Thread offers viewers rich visuals of inventive acrobatics as the all-Australian cast manipulate and suspend their bodies without the assistance of rigging and hardware. Rather, the performers engage in the ultimate trust exercise, depending solely on the strength of other ensemble members (better them than us, right?!).

Charice Rust says, “We wanted to produce a show that explores the trust implicit in ensemble acrobatic work and apply it to aerials… “While risk is always present in circus, so is joy. There’s something incredibly exhilarating and fun about using our bodies in creative and jaw-dropping ways,” says Charice Rust.

The performers use the rope to create striking tableaux and breath-taking dynamics. The actions of one acrobat affect the movements of others in a mesmerising negotiation of cause and effect.

Charice Rust says, “The skills are high-level, the tricks are real and there are no safety nets, only the hands and strength of the ensemble working together to hold their cast mates a loft… You could describe By A Thread as the perfect medium for exploring trust, risk and joy – the fundamental aspects in everyday relationships.”

By A Thread is a must-see 50-minute show that challenges both the audience and performers, as the One Fell Swoop Circus production defies the capability of the human body.

With tickets from $20, this is an Adelaide Fringe show you can’t miss and will be a hit with family and friends! So come and enjoy the mezmerising talents of One Fell Swoop Circus in the By A Thread production.


• Friday 2nd March, 10:20pm (Opening Night)
• Saturday 3rd March, 10:20pm
• Tuesday 6th March, 10:20pm
• Friday 9th March, 10:30pm
• Saturday 10th March, 10:20pm
• Sunday 11th March, 5:00pm & 10:20pm
• Monday 12th March, 5:00pm & 8:00pm (Adelaide Cup Day)
• Tuesday 13th March, 10:20pm
• Friday 16th March, 6:30pm & 10:20pm
• Saturday 17th March, 6:30pm & 10:20pm
• Sunday 18th March, 6:30pm

Tickets and more info here. 

Photo credit: Aaron Walker Photography


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