These Are The Summer Cocktails You’ll Be Sipping At The Moseley Beach Club


As if you didn’t already know the Moseley Beach Club has returned to Glenelg for another year of alfresco partying. Think the beach, casual dining, live music and… cocktails galore.

Aside from the hiccup being a little bit of storm damage, the beach club is back on and raring to bring that European vibe to Glenelg.

It’s like being transported into the day clubs you’d frequent in St Tropez or Mykonos (easier to get to) and like any beach club, the most important part is the cocktail in your hand.

We’re guessing that the Grey Goose mixologists were expecting this so they are promising an awesome new cocktail amongst some classics.

Thought out as the perfect accompaniment to a hot arvo, Le Grand Fizz, is a refreshing spritz. Mixing Grey Goose vodka, St-Germain elderflower liqueur, fresh lime and soda water built over ice in a polycarb glass that’s perfect for your Insta post. If you’ve got the posse together, you can even order them to share, with three cocktails served up on a cute drink paddle.

Not to worry if that isn’t enticing you because you’ll have a a range of the classics to choose from, like the Espresso Martini. Whilst not a ‘summer’ drink, if you’re partying all day and all night a la the beach goers in Europe, then you’ll need a pick me up. 

So get excited for a summer spent under cloudless skies, sipping on cocktails. For more info on the Moseley Beach club click here.



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