These Adelaide Cocktails Epitomize The “Burnside-Mum” And Don Dunstan’s Pink Pants

2KW Bar and Restaurant have launched their seasonal winter dining and cocktail menu and it’s bloody fantastic.
You think you wouldn’t usually dare set foot on an open rooftop in the middle of winter right? But 2KW have a surprisingly toasty outdoor bar with amazing food and drink to follow.
Their winter cocktail menu is inventive to say the least, making the classic Sex on the Beach cocktail seem like a humble Apple Pie.

Ladies Who Lunch

We were first introduced to a lunchtime cocktail, aptly named Ladies Who Lunch, which was created in honour of the ‘Burnside mum’ who frequents 2KW for weekday luncheons. Paying homage to a loyal clientele, the Ladies Who Lunch is described as a ‘fresh pantie dropper’, so it isn’t as sweet and innocent as the name would suggest. It combines gin, sherry, rhubarb, and a not-so-secret ‘secret’ ingredient – Beerenberg plum jam, which I think is an ingenious use of a local South Australian product.

Vencermos #2

A another new addition to 2KW’s winter cocktail menu. Sweet, sour and a little bit savoury, this green cocktail almost gives you the impression you’re drinking a delicious superfood smoothie. Even the ingredients used to make the Vencermos #2 have convinced me it’s a winner – and a slimmer. It is heaps good, as any true South Aussie would say. Combining an infusion of Asian and South American flavours, the Vencermos showcases coconut rum, agave, pineapple and sesame for a ‘summer meets winter’ cocktail.

Donny’s Pink Pants

2KW have even crafted a cocktail to honour the late South Australian Premier Don Dunstan, who was a stirring, controversial and revolutionary politician, and famed for wearing pink hot pants to Parliament in 1972 – how very seventies! Our ever so trendy Don Dunstan’s cocktail is called Donny’s Pink Pants, a fabulous homage to a fabulous man. Raicilla, pomegranate, strawberry and lime make up this diva of a cocktail, surely not to be missed.

Bon Scott

However, the most talked about cocktail on the menu will sure to be the Bon Scott. Served warm, this cocktail tastes and smells like a liqueur infused apple crumble. With warmed whiskey, apple, spiced syrup and butter, this cocktail comes in a coffee cup – but don’t let that fool you, it has a real kick.

New Winter Menu

2KW’s reputation for serving premier cocktails should also extend to it’s dining menu. The food, Instagram-worthy to say the least, smells and tastes delicious.
The three featured winter menu items are well worth the trip into town. Speck, Mushrooms and Chestnut, served on a bed of Cream Corn and Polenta is a mouthful of Heaven. Speck is a very on red ingredient at the moment, and 2KW do it justice alongside the creamy polenta for a real winter warmer.
Basa Gede compliments the Blood Sausage with Cauliflower and a Herb Sauce. This was my first experience tasting blood sausage, as I had always pictured it as something my Grandma would’ve eaten back in Ireland. However, 2KW have modernised it and made it memorable and palatable. Somewhat of a daring menu item, the Blood Sausage with all its accompaniments tastes like a really rich in flavour chorizo.
Lastly comes the Charcuterie with Roast Artichoke Puree, Lemon, and Walnut Quince. One word: Yum! This, with the Ladies Who Lunch Cocktail goes down a treat and is not one to miss.

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Photos by: Jo-Anna Robinson


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