Thermomix Releases New Cookbook For Two


Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 1.08.07 pmThermomix is set to launch a beautiful softcover cookbook catering for couples and singles titled Cooking for Me and You.

Cooking for Me and You is a collection of over 70 recipes designed to serve one or two people from simple basics, breakfast and lunch, through to special occasion dinners and sides, baking and dessert.

The new cookbook was developed in response to the growing number of single and couple households in Australia who want fast and nutritious meals. According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, whilst the number of households in Australia is projected to increase, the average number of people within each household is projected to decline. Thermomix makes cooking for one and two easy, with less time spent in the kitchen.

A sample meal planner and the recipes contained within the book focus on maximising common ingredients to save money and reduce waste. Gone are the days of excess leftovers that become monotonous and boring.

The ideal cooking companion for time-poor, health conscious foodies, Cooking for Me and You includes delicious recipes like Thai beef salad with noodles, turkey breast roulade with apricot and hazelnut stuffing, prawn and saffron risotto, frozen strawberry mousse with cream cheese topping and baked chocolate ricotta with blueberries and cream to name just a few.

Cooking for Me and You caters for both Thermomix model TM31 and the Thermomix TM5 owners. For those who have the new Thermomix, Cooking for Me and You is accompanied by a recipe chip, where the recipes are stored on the Thermomix while you cook – allowing digital cooking with a touchscreen guiding customers step by step through the recipe.

Priced at $40, Cooking for Me and You is the perfect gift for Christmas that will no doubt put a smile on any food lover’s face. It is available from Thermomix Consultants or from the 20th of November. The recipe chip and cookbook package is priced at $60 and will be available in January.


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