Theatre Review:   Out Of Sight… Out Of Murder


Presented by Tea Tree Players
Reviewed 22 August 2018

It’s always great to be cheered up when the country is in turmoil! Out of Sight… Out of Murder gives you just what is needed to forget that there is a gladiatorial contest going on in Canberra which isn’t half as much fun as this show. One forgets that Tea Tree Players have been providing first class entertainment in Tea Tree Gully and surrounding areas since 1976. It would have been a welcome alternative to travelling to Adelaide to see a show in those days; and things have not changed much, it’s still a great night out. Theresa (Lilly) Dolman has done a fine job assembling a first rate community theatre cast for this latest production; some stalwarts of the Tea Tree Players and a couple of very promising newcomers. Lilly (may I be familiar) also designed the very impressive set, complete with every piece of appropriate set dressing for a murder mystery and a farce combined.

I didn’t know this piece at all and the combination of a murder mystery with a comedy was a breath of fresh air. The play is clever, witty and funny, and is littered with references to murder mystery writers and the characters’ involvement with the way they were written. There were more than a few belly laughs which I’m sure this talented cast will be making the most of in no time at all.

It’s hard to single out a standout performance from this cast as they are all making the most of the material this vehicle gives them to work with so, in fairness to all: Reece Attwood gives a very strong and sustained performance as the main protagonist, Peter Knight, who is presented with some very interesting situations to deal with. Susie Daniels did a sterling job as Minna (with a very good accent), moving the story along with all her background set-up. Tina Hall’s Lydia Dillingham was pitch perfect – the Femme Fatale in all her glory. Damon Hill as Cogburn is the master of deadpan and knows how to manipulate his audience. Stacey Murray as Kay Kelsey in the ingenue outfit to die for (forgive the pun) does an impressive job. Stacey Webb as Fiona Babcock stepped straight out of an Agatha Christie story and makes the most of some great lines and interesting business – that outfit for an octopus! (You have to be there). Ainsley Goulding and Tom Gaffney in their first stage appearances as Addie, the maid, and Dick Stanton, respectively, will become regulars on the Adelaide stage as they continue to grow and develop; they will grow into their paws very soon. It’s a very impressive debut from both of these young performers. Finally, Nick Hargreaves as Jordan Dillingham makes the most of a small but vital role.

So, all in all, if you want a good laugh, a great night out, and a very good piece of community theatre get on-line and buy those tickets.

Reviewed by Adrian Barnes

Venue: Tea Tree Players Theatre
Season: 22nd August – 1st September, 2018
Tickets:  Full Price:  $17:00   Concession:  $15:00



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