Theatre Review: Legally Blonde: The Musical (Harvard Cast)


Presented by Scotch College
Reviewed 3 August 2018
(Harvard cast)

Like most years, Scotch College brings to the stage a high standard of youth theatre with this year featuring the much-loved, pink-themed production of Legally Blonde: The Musical.

At first, the show is rather overwhelming as around 20 teenage girls run around on stage singing Oh My God (it’s as though you’ve walked into Rundle Mall during the school holidays and you find yourself surrounded by loud, perky tweens). Though, as the show starts to pick up its pace, it becomes an engaging and truly enjoyable journey as the audience follows the blonde and beautiful, Elle Woods, on her determined hunt to re-ignite the relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Warner, by studying law at Harvard University.

The young cast provides a surprisingly high standard of acting and it is not hard to imagine some of these performers going far within the Australian theatre scene. Lead performer, Onor Nottle, is fantastically perky as the determined Elle and has an amazingly well-trained voice that is perfect for musical theatre. Charlie Miller is a comical stand out within the supporting cast as Margot, the slightly boy-crazed (and very blonde) best friend of Elle from UCLA. Georgina Taeger also provides much of the show’s comic relief as Paulette, the socially awkward hair dresser who just wants her beloved dog back (along with a smooch from the UPS delivery guy).

What’s also fantastic about the show is that the entire cast appear to be having the absolute time of their lives, making the performance that much more enjoyable. Scotch’s production of Legally Blonde: The Musical really does prove that when the cast is relaxed and having a great time performing, it truly resonates with the audience (as well as delightful performances from some well-behaved furry companions).

Scotch definitely went all out with the costumes with pink velour track suits, cheeky cheerleader outfits, over-sized sunglasses galore and a court-room’s worth of men’s suits building the authenticity of the production. This is combined with a multitude of various, cleverly designed mobile sets that allowed for a large amount of actor interaction.

A truly delightful performance that leaves the audience in fits of giggles; Scotch College’s production of Legally Blonde: The Musical is an absolute highlight this Winter theatre season.

Reviewed by Georgina Smerd
Twitter: @Georgie_xox

Photo credit: Tim Allen

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