Theatre Review: Holiday Inn


Presented by Therry Dramatic Society
Reviewed 7 June 2018

There is nothing like an Irving Berlin musical to lift the spirits and this one does just that. Let’s not pretend the plot is more than paper thin, but it just needs to be an acceptable vehicle for Berlin’s beautiful music.

Originally a 1942 film starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, later developed as a stage musical by Gordon Greenberg and Chad Hodge. It translates to the stage remarkably well. It lost a couple of the original songs like Lazy but with so many other of this composer’s catalogue to choose from that was not a problem. They seemed to have picked up songs like It’s A Lovely Day Today and Heatwave.

The set was functional and changed smoothly. Director Jude Hines chose her cast well and together with Mark DeLaine and Joanna Patrick (Musical Directors) has put together a great show. Thomas Phillips’ choreography manages to keep the 40s feel whilst being imaginative and fresh. It was also well executed.

Brady Lloyd is wonderful as the sensitive Jim, contrasted beautifully with the hyper Lindsay Prodea as Ted. Both sing and dance up a storm and react well with the ladies Nikki Gaertner Eaton (Lila) and Lauren Scarfe (Linda). Nikki is very much the ‘leading lady’/diva looking glamorous and Lauren develops Linda’s character carefully and sings better than I have heard her sing before. Next to all this ‘star’ power Kate Anolak is hilarious as the live-in help Louise. Her timing is great and she has some of the best lines.

In the more minor roles Andy Trimmings is good as the manager Danny and Charlie Zorkovic, as Charlie, steals every scene he is in! The ensemble dances and sings with style well supported by the off-stage booth singers. The costume team did a great job with appropriate and colourful costumes for the chorus and glamour for the leading ladies, but the leading males looked a little neglected. That aside this is a terrific production that any musical lover should not miss!

Reviewed by Fran Edwards
Twitter: @franeds

Venue: Arts Theatre, Angas St
Season: 7 – 16 June 2018
Duration: 2.5 hr
Tickets: $15 – $32
Bookings: or direct with Therry on 8410 5515.



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