Theatre Review: Christmas In The Air


Presented by South Australian Light Opera Society Inc (aka SALOS)
Reviewed 30 November 2017

Christmas has arrived, and to celebrate the South Australian Light Opera Society (SALOS) have brought in this festive season with a variety show with something for everyone to enjoy. Christmas in the Air is an impressive selection of a number of items, spanning not only those Christmas favourties we all love, but a large range of other well-loved tunes also.

Director Pam Tucker, with assistance from Peter Potts and David Roberts, has ensured that the talented cast of singers is in fine form and delivering their best. The show is divided into a number of sections, with both the opening and closing acts focusing on those loved Christmas tunes. Tucker also provided choreography ensuring all numbers flowed smoothly. There were a number of bright and colourful costumes used throughout the evening, with each change bringing a new and fresh look to the stage; credit here to Cyndy Trezise, Jenny Francis and Tucker.

Lighting design was simple yet effective, with Paul Tossell and Tim Holding keeping check that everyone could be seen. Simple use of music from the small orchestra was also done perfectly. The use of digital slides to set the mood was used along with some lovely scenic art from Carolyn Adams, together making the perfect set-up.

The talented performers each get their moments to shine in a number of different items, and the night is divided evenly and a good mixture of songs are used. From a number of melodies to some more comedic acts as well, there is something for everyone here to enjoy. Anthony Little has a voice that just commands attention, and this happened with Love Changes Everything. Little also performed alongside David Roberts for Tenor and Baritone, showing the differences in the two vocal ranges, with Roberts also shining in his rendition of Unchained Melody.

Sections dedicated to particular songs and styles were fun and put together well, with Act II starting us off with a range of Irish songs. We were also taken back to the days of The Sound of Music and some more modern musicals such as Little Shop of Horrors and Rent. Katrin Treloar was given the opportunity to show off her incredible range with performances of The Blue Danube and The Star of Bethlehem.

Impressing the audience and getting them involved with singing along were the captivating duo of Marion Manuel and Ralph Gourlay. With Gourlay on guitar, they had the room in their hands with items such as My Grandfather’s Clock and Danny Boy as stand-outs. Carolyn Adams also provided a funny look into the life of never being the Bride in Always a Bridesmaid.

A night of festivity and fun to be had here, with the closing Christmas Carol Medley getting those tunes in your head. SALOS continue to deliver high quality performances, with beautiful harmonies and voices for the audience to be captivated by.

Reviewed by Daniel Knowles

 Venue: Tower Arts Centre Corner Goodwood Road and Daws Road, Pasadena
Season: Until 3 December 2017
Tickets: $11 – $25
Bookings: Phone Pam Tucker on 8294 6582



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