The Wonder Years a new addition to the Soundwave 2015 lineup


TWY_RyanRussell_2 copyThe Wonder Years are set to join the Soundwave line up next year after the recent cancellation of their planned headliner tour.

The band from the US had intended to play a small venue headlining tour around the country this year but due to unforseen circumstances had to cancel. But speaking to Glam Adelaide from his tour bus on the road, front man Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell said the band are thrilled to be joining Soundwave Festival. “We did Soundwave two years ago and it was wonderful,” he said. “We were going to come over this year and headline some small club shows then everything fell apart with it and we had to cancel. If we didn’t cancel we wouldn’t have been able to afford to fly home. We literally would have been stuck in Australia so we called it quits on the tour. So we’re really excited to do Soundwave.”

The band who are described as being in the ‘pop-punk’ genre have visited Australia a handful of times and have some interesting memories of Adelaide.

“You are a half hour time zone different which is insane. You call Cold Stone Creamery Cold Rock Creamery and we played a show there with Parkway Drive on a tour where we were being received really poorly because it was all metal bands and us and it rained and I was concerned people were going to throw mud at me,” Soupy said.

The band who started out as somewhat of a joke have risen up through the world of rock and gathered a loyal following. Their current success, though, can largely be traced to their album Suburbia which explores the concept of feeling displaced from your home among other themes providing a wealth of relatable lyricism for fans to delve into.

Soupy, guitarists Matt Brasch and Casey Cavaliere, keyboardist/guitarist Nick Steinborn, bassist Joshua Martin and drummer Michael Kennedy will grace the stage at Soundwave in 2015.

Tickets are available at the Soundwave website.

Interviewed by Libby Parker



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