The V2 Beauty Booster Treatment Is Simplifying Skin Care For Women


As we age, we lose skin volume through decrease of collagen and elastin. This can result in increase of dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. But there’s no need to be concerned, because Advanced Cosmetics Medicine are now offering the perfect solution: the V2 Beauty Booster Treatment.

Guaranteed to revitalise and improve the health and quality of ageing skin, the V2 Beauty Booster is described as the ‘step up’ from peels and microdermabrasion.

So what makes this treatment so unique?

The V2 Beauty Booster contains a TGA-approved product that is a form of hyaluronic acid combined with essential nutrients, such as amino acids and vitamin B5.  

Great example of the newest skin rejuvenating treatment offered at ACM! You might have seen the video of me getting this treatment a while ago 😉 #REPOST: @lipsboutiquebyjka “V2 BeautyBooster. Left pic-6 hrs post-treatment, Right-24hrs post treatment. V2 Beauty Booster with micro-needling is minimally invasive procedure that uses fine needles to puncture the epidermis, the micro-wounds created stimulate release of growth factors and induce collagen production. In combination with BeautyBooster It is a highly effective and safe treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, boosting collagen production, scars, acne, melisma and photo damage. Additional benefits include plumping of skin and lifting”. Book now via or call us on 0403 690 031.

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A unique and patented formula, the treatment combines the aesthetic benefits of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers with the added benefits of antioxidant protection, which can prevent free radical damage, regenerate the skin, and improve tissue integrity for optimum skin function. Sounds like a winning combo to us!

The treatment is injected into the papillary dermis using the V2 injection gun, which allows a more precise and accurate dosage to specifically boost skin volume. This results in youthful, full, plump skin and minimization of fine lines and wrinkles.

Plus, for enhanced results, the dermal filler has the option of being mixed with botulinum toxin to further assist in firmer and tighter skin.

“There’s no other product on the market that hydrates, nourishes, and encourages collagen and elastin growth in one treatment,” says Advanced Cosmetics Medicine’s Dr. Rahma Targett, “the results definitely speak for themselves.”

Not only is this Beauty Booster treatment suitable for your face – it’s amazing for your under eye, forehead, neck, décolletage, and hands. And if you’ve never had fillers before, the V2 Beauty Booster Treatment is great for newbies – delivering speed, accuracy, and long-lasting effects.

While the treatment is suitable for any age, the ideal client is someone in their thirties or forties who is showing signs of ageing. The treatment is not a replacement for a facelift, and results will be less noticeable for older patients with more significant loss of volume. Although the procedure will result in mild swelling for up to two days (which can be covered with makeup), the procedure is completely safe, with consistent results.

At Advanced Cosmetics Medicine, Dr. Targett will perform all V2 Beauty Booster treatments, ensuring that you receive the highest quality treatment and aftercare.

For more information about the Beauty Booster at Advanced Cosmetics Medicine, please contact the team at 0403 690 031 or click here.


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