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Today’s world is a tough challenge for teen girls to overcome. With intense pressure to be perfect combined with a 24/7 need to be connected to the online world, girls are increasingly stressed and isolated at ever decreasing ages. Thanks to founder Danielle Demourtzidis (psychologist and counsellor), The Girl Gang is here to help. Glam Adelaide was at the launch featuring a talk from Elle Ferguson, as well as Brigette Zonta and Joanna Tropeano, at Palace Nova Cinema Prospect on Saturday.

With a background in counselling and a Bachelor of Psychology up her sleeve, Danielle was concerned with how many students were being affected by depression and anxiety due to dealing with the social standards of ‘fitting in.’

Danielle Demourtzidis says, “The Girl Gang Wellness is all about educating, inspiring and empowering teenagers girls and young women.

“Being in a safe environment will allow these girls to open up and be educated on a range of issues – whether it be social or school pressures, hormonal changes or relationship matters… We focus on building the coping mechanisms needed to deal with stress, anxiety, self-esteem, body image and more.”

The Girl Gang Wellness workshops are aimed at teenage girls aged 13 years and up and will be held monthly at various locations around Adelaide.

The Girl Gang was born out of a desire to create a community for these girls to safely figure all this out. Designed to educate, inspire and empower teen girls, the concept is simple. A series of workshops run by a variety of guests with different backgrounds in order to create an inclusive community that helps develop the ‘coping mechanisms needed to deal with stress, anxiety, self-esteem, body image and more’, according to Demourtzidis.

Elle Ferguson, headlining the launch, said it was critical that young girls have the right friends and community around them in order to succeed.

“You have to build a support network that you can rely on.”

That’s what Demourtzidis has set out to do with these workshops.

“It’s a safe place for teens to realise they aren’t alone,” Elle said.

Demourtzidis is quick to point out that these workshops won’t be featuring makeup or fashion; there are enough of those out there and teen girls need to focus on learning resilience and coping skills for the future, making new friends along the way.

Starting at monthly sessions, Demourtzidis is clear that these workshops are for all teen girls.

“You don’t need to be broken to attend-just looking to learn new things and be a part of a supportive community,” she says, highlighting that the idea is to build a supportive community that unites teen girls and allows them to be a part of something powerful; The Girl Gang.

Whilst right now they are focusing on teenage girls 13 and up, eventually there is scope to cater to all women, of all ages, focusing on learning open communication, self-validation and encouraging positive relationships.

The first workshop will be held on 5th of August in Victoria Square, keep an eye out for more information on their Facebook page.


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