The Stag Launches Mouthwatering New Spring Menu


Rundle Street royalty, The Stag Hotel (usually known for their great steaks and pub classics) have just launched a brand new Spring bistro menu. A perfect mix of flavours, these fresh, vibrant and healthy dishes are the work of head chef Joshua Barry who wanted to bring his own take on modern Australian dining.

We were lucky enough to pop in for chance to a section off their new menu. The first to come out was freshly baked organic sourdough bread with olives, a perfect starter to line our rumbling stomachs. Next up was the delicious Cured Ora King Salmon that was served with goats curd, pickled fennel and dehydrated olives. This dish was absolutely oozing with fresh, vibrant spring flavours. The Salmon is farmed in the Marlborough Region in New Zealand, with an average of 14,000 litres of fresh water bubbling to the surface of the springs every second, the waters of this region have been verified as some of the clearest in the world ideal for producing King Salmon (which basically means it tastes incredible) 

The next to come out was All the Pumpkin. Chef Joshua set out to make the mother of all vegetarian dishes with a simple plan, take one product and find the absolute most possible uses. What he came up with has literally changed the way we will think about pumpkin forever. What we got was lightly roasted pumpkin, burnt pumpkin puree, house made pumpkin and honey meed, Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and Pumpkin Ash made from the skins.
I know right, how is that even possible they made pumpkin ASH taste good?

In the words of Joshua,” the experience is in the meal itself, so we’ll let the photos do some of the talking”.

The food was ALMOST too pretty to eat.

In-House made organic sour dough bread with fresh olives

Cured Ora King Salmon

All the Pumpkin After three entree’s and a glass of Down The Rabbit Hole Rose, we were completely stuffed! However we figured you guys would want to hear more about the new menu so we braved three more mouth-watering dishes.

The poached chicken breast served with a black truffle and polenta puree, watermelon radish and warrigal greens practically screamed spring with a earthiness and freshness we know you will desire.

Next we tried The Fat Duck. Free range Australian White Pekin Duck breast served with beetroot relish, horseradish cream and confit chilli. The Beetroot relish absolutely popped through and was a highlight through the dish, once again revealing more spring flavours.

Poached Chicken Breast

The Fat Duck

Of course we saved room for dessert; the Chocolate Rico; hand made chocolate caramel mousse with salted caramel centre on a almond and cacao crunch. Served with berry coulis, violet sugar and edible flowers. The room fell silent but you could just hear a “mmmmmm” as the plates were licked clean.

Chocolate Rico For everybody that loves The Stag, they will still be offering all the pub classics and favourites in the bar and East Dining Room, but the Bistro is a more formal refined dining area offering a constantly changing seasonal menu.

Overall, we were delighted with the Spring Menu that Joshua has put together for The Stag. We will definitely be hitting them up again, even if it is just to sneak in that epic dessert.


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