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ColorMorale-ThumbPost-hardcore rock outfit The Color Morale are headed our way for Soundwave 2015. The first time visitors to Adelaide hail from Rockford, Illinois have signed on to play the metal festival in February. Garret Rapp (Vocals), Devin King (Guitar), Aaron Saunders (Guitar), Steve Carey (Drums) and Mike Honson (Bass) are known for their rocking riffs, big choruses and positive messages in their music.

Singer/songwriter Garret Rapp said they are looking forward to bringing their live set back to Australia. “Australia in general is a very exciting place for the band to be. We loved every part of Australia when we were there last. We didn’t get to go to Adelaide though and we’re really excited to come back over for Soundwave,” he said.

Since their formation in 2007, the band has released three albums: We All Have Demons, My Devil In Your Eyes, and Know Hope, with Hold On Pain Ends just having launched.

Living by the mantra, “Life brings two kinds of pain: the kind that hurts and the kind that transforms”, Rapp has dedicated himself and his music living positively and connecting with youth. “The idea of living a day at a time and resubscribing even to negative energy to a positive outcome, that’s what the whole last record (Know Hope) meant,” he said. “I wrote it at a very detrimental and urgent time of my life. I chose to translate it through my art and my writing. I wrote an honest, authentic record that connected to a large body of kids all around the world in a pretty positive way.”

Currently on tour in Europe, The Color Morale recently released single ‘Prey for Me’ with a video that focuses on youth issues like self-harm and suicide.

“‘Prey for Me’ is a song where I wanted to, in an aggressive fashion, tackle subjects head on and raise awareness. At the end of the video there’s the number of a hotline you can call,” he said. The Color Morale are very fan-focussed and dedicate themselves to connecting with their audience, to the extent that Rapp often mans the merch table himself.

I made it a personal goal to be accessible and be at our merch table,” he said. “We toured recently and every single show that year I was at the merch table to be accessible; no excuses. I really wanted to see what kids were identifying with and what kids were dealing with. So Hold On Pain Ends was what I saw kids were struggling with and dealing with most abundantly.”

Hold On Pain Ends is available to purchase and you can grab your ticket to Soundwave from their website:


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