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With a reputation for world class festivals, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and its Chief Conductor and Music Director, Arvo Volmer, will present the signal event of the ASO’s 2010 season in a unique Schumann Festival.

To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Robert Schumann, the highly anticipated festival will celebrate Maestro Volmer’s passion for the composer, and give Adelaide audiences an insight into one of the most famous important, romantic musical poets of the nineteenth century.

The cycle of Schumann symphonies, like those of Beethoven, transverse an equally great variety of emotional states and modes of expression. The Schumann Festival will build on previous experiences offering a rich emotional, musical and cultural journey for both orchestra players, its conductor and audiences alike. Artists featured in the Schumann Festival include Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO) cellist Timo – Veikko Valve, Israeli violinist Vadim Gluzman, acclaimed pianist Bernd Glemser and ASO’s much loved Concertmaster Natsuko Yoshimoto.

‘To experience Schumann’s brilliant symphonies, the much loved cello concerto, the violin concerto and other works in their full context are a kind of journey that can have a deep impact. The members of the orchestra are excited about the emotional challenge and focus required in presenting this festival. In order to impart the experience of the emotional journey of the Schumann symphonies to the audience, the orchestra has to develop its own understanding of the journey which can take their playing to a new level’ – ASO Chief Conductor and Music Director, Arvo Volmer.

“Concerts come and go, we dip in and out of the standard repertoire, and that’s fine, but with a festival we can experience not only the musical body of work of Schumann, but we can step away from the music and investigate the complex and intriguing man that was Robert Schumann through a program of speakers and events in support of the concerts. This will give audiences a greater insight into the legacy and genius of Schumann”, Arvo Volmer said.

The output of Robert Schumann comprises one of the most fascinating treasure troves of romantic music with his symphonic cycle much loved around the world. Throughout his life Schumann was a notable music critic and writer, publishing many works. He was noted for attempting to revive the music of the 18th century, that of Bach, Haydn and Beethoven which had taken a back seat to the romantic “liberation” of which he himself was a large proponent. Despite his mental breakdown and jealous temper, Robert Schumann’s legacy is that of one of the champion of Romantic and programmatic music.

With the effort of his wife Clara and friend Johannes Brahms, much of his work was published and promoted throughout Europe, preserving him in history as one of the greats greatest composers of all time.

When: 2 October – 9 October 2010

Where: Adelaide Town Hall

To book: Call 131 246 or book at BASS online

For further information on the festival’s concerts and special events, visit or call 8233 6233.


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