Taryn Brumfitt And Teresa Palmer Team Up For Embrace TV Series


One of Adelaide’s most inspirational women, Taryn Brumfitt, and one of Adelaide’s Hollywood stars, Teresa Palmer, have teamed up with Matthew Brumfitt and Mark Webber, to launch the Embrace TV Series. 

Taryn became a global sensation a few years ago, when she famously posted a before and after photo online, which bucked the trend and showed a fitness competition ‘before’ image, and a healthy, happy photo of her afterwards.

Since then Taryn has gone on to conquer the world. She’s now the Founder of Body Image Movement and EMBRACE, and her “role is to harness and facilitate positive body image activism”.

Not content with simply launching her latest book (which we love by the way), she’s also spent the last 12 months working on another project, which has just been announced. 

The Embrace TV series takes certain topics like advertising and Hollywood’s impact on body image in order to keep pushing for a global revolution towards realistic advertising to make for a norm, instead of spreading pressures of a unrealistic stress and expectations on women, and men, around the world.

This week Australian Story interviewed both Taryn and Teresa Palmer, who have collaborated on the project, to see what we can expect to see in the future.

For Teresa, it was about her battle with Hollywood’s enduring quest for actresses to be a size 0 (size 6 Australian).

For Taryn, the half-hour documentary dug deep into Taryn’s past to find out exactly where her body image concerns arose – covering her childhood years, to heartbreaking experiences, and the discomfort in her post-birth body.

Taryn’s journey has inspired her mission to change the narrative of body image depiction and taking on a global revolution. Taryn traveled to Hollywood, and with the help of Teresa, the pair are questing to pour their energy into helping others in similar situations and encouraging people to embrace their bodies and to love themselves as a vehicle, not an ornament, in the new series.

The fact that Taryn is, “just a mum from Adelaide” is a powerful statement within the documentary which goes to show the ability of us Adelaide women, and that we can make a difference in people’s lives all over the world. Both Teresa and Taryn are an inspiration and we think the TV series Embrace is going to have a lasting global impact.


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