Stop Everything. We’ve Found Giant Donut, Hamburger & Avocado Cushions


Here I was sitting at my desk thinking I was a grown up, and then I discovered giant donut cushions. AND I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE.



And just when I was imagining all the amazing photo opportunities a giant donut would bring to our office life, up flashed a giant hamburger cushion, and then a giant avocado.

This pose is called the casual hamburger swagger. Use it to make friends. 


Forget spending $50 on smashed avo. Spend it on this for the gift that keeps on giving.

It could just be the lack of sleep from attending this week’s Santos Tour Down Under, it could be Adelaide’s extreme heat, or it could just be that I’ve secretly always wanted giant food cushions.

Either way, they’re fabulous and I thought I’d share them with you.

There’s also smaller versions too, if you’re trying to avoid unnecessary clutter in your life. A small casual hamburger cushion screams classy and minimal home furnishing, no?

Check out the full range here. 


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