Son Of A Love Gun Dives Into Rock And Roll


The saying that ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ couldn’t ring any truer for Evan Stanley, whose dad just happens to be Paul Stanley from the mega band KISS. That out of the way for reference sake, the younger Stanley has forged out his own career with his band The Dives, and Glam Adelaide were only too happy to chat with him and bandmate Sergio Ortega about their journey so far.

“We just finished a rehearsal and we’re now enjoying the rest of the night,” says Stanley in a laid-back tone. The band’s schedule has been hectic after the recent release of their EP Everybody’s Talkin.’ If good old guitar driven rock and roll is your thing, then this is your thing! The Dives have their own unique sound edge, and just to set the record straight, you won’t hear anything like KISS, nor do they want to live under that shadow. These guys are steering their own course and the EP rocks, quite literally! It’s a mix of Rock with an Alternative/Indie vibe. ‘Make It Like The Movies’ stands out on the EP, as does ‘Take It All.’

Influenced by bands like The Kinks, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin to name a few, The Dives’ sound is a hybrid of The Strokes and Kingswood among others. It’s raw, clean, and sticks out. “Yeah man, all those bands influenced what we do, we all listen to a ton of stuff so we’re pulling from a wide range to keep it (our music) fresh,” Stanley chimes in. “We try to draw from a wide range to make our music sound like us. When I started playing guitar, American Idiot by Green Day was a huge influence and I listened to it a tonne.”

Having recently toured the UK, the band were well received and made their mark on audiences. “That went really well, it can be nerve wracking playing in front of thousands of people but we do our best every time whether it’s ten people or ten thousand. We got a lot of great responses and a bunch of new followers,” Ortega responds.

Both Ortega and Stanley are both well aware of the current Australian love of guitar driven pub rock, and quote Kingswood as one of their standout groups that can construct a good song. Stanley says that “…people love guitars- there’s something both sensual and organic about them that people respond to. A lot of bands have a good vibe these days, but I think that song craft is an important thing. There’s some really cool stuff happening that’s similar to what we do. An undeniable song is just that- undeniable!”

As for the band name The Dives, Ortega says that over a week or two the guys all thought of names and out of frustration in choosing one of 30-40 choices it just came out. “It felt right, it’s us!”. The rest is history in the making.

So, are you guys headed down to Australia anytime soon?

We really hope so man, it’s on our bucket list. We ‘ve got so many great reviews from there and heard all about your beaches and lifestyle- personally I can’t wait for it”, says Ortega.

These guys are fun to speak with, and if their EP is anything to go by we’ll be seeing more of them real soon. As for the EP, it really is worth a listen for its sheer energy and catchy tunes.

The Dives EP Everybody’s Talkin’ is out now!

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