Sneak Peek: The New Restaurant From the Ruby Red Flamingo Crew


The Ruby Red Flamingo crew are at it again, with a new Italian restaurant in the works at Frewville. 

Sitting on Glen Osmond Road, Coccobello Italian pizzeria is expected to open in around six weeks.

Owners Lauro Siliquini and Enzo Verdino, who also own popular Italian eateries Ruby Red Flamingo, Tony Tomatoes, and Spaghetti Crab, have taken over the former Adelaide Bridge Centre for their next venture.

They’ve spent around six months giving the space a complete makeover, with large windows that let plenty of light in, a polished Terrazzo floor spreads across the entire venue and stunning raw concrete walls with a rendered ‘lace’ finished.

They’re keeping tight-lipped about most of the details for now, but expect the menu to draw from classic dishes from across Italy, plus street foods adapted for table dining.

“We want to build a beautiful looking restaurant where people of all ranges can come and enjoy it,” says Lauro.

And it’s a big one – the restaurant will seat up to 150 people, with both indoor and outdoor dining.

Like their other venues, they’re keeping things simple, with relaxed service, and they want all ages and all walks of life to feel welcome. The venue will predominantly focus on dinners, but may trade for one or two lunches during the week.

Coccobello is expected to open in six weeks.


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