Sarah Gadon Tells All About ‘Dracula Untold’


Dracula Untold is the latest incarnation of the Dracula story and it hits cinemas today.

Starring Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper and Charles Dance, this visual splendour looks to be inspired by the design of Game of Thrones, yet it is an welcome alternative to the sexy-vampire-with-feelings genre.

Dracula Untold is the debut feature film for director Gary Shore, and follows the plight of Vlad Tepes who makes a deal with dark forces in order to protect his people and his family.

Sarah Gadon as Mirena.

Sarah Gadon as Mirena.

Sarah Gadon (Enemy, Antiviral, Cosmopolis) who plays Vlad’s beautiful, loyal wife said she has always been intrigued by the Dracula genre.

“I’ve always been a fan of gothic romance fiction and Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” she said. “I grew up watching a lot of vampire films so it was a real honour to be chosen to be a part of this project.“

The Canadian actress who spoke with Glam Adelaide from London said she had been on the lookout for a romantic film when she was offered the role of Mirena.

“Gary Shore told me at the very core of the story was a very classic love tale between Mirena and Vlad. When I screen tested with Luke Evans, he was really able to bring the sensitivity and vulnerability to the reading of our scenes and I knew there was going to be something really special about our relationship in the film,” Gadon said.

“Unlike so many other vampire films where the women are repressing their sexuality or are in a power dynamic, I really think that Mirena and Vlad have this true, equal love. It gives it a real human element to a story that really is an origin story.“

With costumes by Academy Award winning designer Ngila Dickson and spectacular visual effects, Dracula Untold is visually stunning and, Gadon said it was inspired by the writing of Bram Stoker.

“The original Dracula is so stylised and there’s so much imagery in Bram Stoker’s writing and I think that’s why it lends itself so well to cinema and why there’s been so many incarnations of Dracula over the years,” she said.

“Each film has had a very specific style leaving its own mark on the genre, and the aesthetic of our film is very important to the story and I think it did not disappoint.”

Dracula Untold is in cinemas across Australia today. View the film trailer below.


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