Santa Steps It Up, Offering Photos With Your Pooch


Adelaide is a city filled with pet lovers. Our fur babies have pride of place in our homes, pubs and cafes are continually expanding to make sure our dogs are catered for (see our dog-friend venue guide here), and there are plenty of pet-friendly events popping up! So it makes PERFECT sense to finally have a place that offers Christmas photos with Santa, your family AND your pooch.

Bring your fur family along to have their photo taken with Santa from the 22nd November at Westfield Marion and Westfield West Lakes, in partnership with Schmackos! If your pet’s a bit on the… unusual side, you may be able to score them a picture with Santa too, like this alpaca did at Westfield Liverpool (you may want to give Westfield a buzz first though!)

THIS IS EVERYTHING. The whole Santa pet photo thing has reached a new level with this alpaca being snapped with a…

Posted by Glam Adelaide on Monday, 11 December 2017

Book your visit in advance with Westfield’s online booking system (because who wants to be lining up with their dogs!). Simply choose your date and session and you can arrive anytime within your allocated time frame to have your photo taken with Santa. All packages are pre-paid when you book, which means no need to pay once you’ve had your photo taken, unless you would like to purchase additional items.

Sound good? Check out all the details here. Just remember, you need to follow their rules, take your dog’s poop with you when you leave, and make sure you don’t have an agro dog. It is a shopping centre after all, and they’re going to be strict to ensure everyone has a good (& safe) time!



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