Rigoni’s Showing Off Their Skills On The Grills At Charred


We know that we might be guilty of eating so much over the past few days that we basically rolled into the office, but really, the best part of Tasting Australia is Charred, and this year Charred is housing a local favorite – Rigoni’s Bistro.

The team from the Leigh St Italian bistro have set up shop along the main strip of barbie celebration Charred, and are showing off their BBQ best.

When most people think Italian cuisine, pasta and pizza spring to mind, but those fares were adopted and perfected by Italy. Charcoal BBQ actually has a long and storied history in places like Tuscany and Sardinia; with whole lambs often roasted over open charcoal pits.

Hay valley lamb with black garlic butter…..smellovision anyone?? #foodsmells #charcoalcooking #rotisserie @tastingaustralia @richgunner @feastfinefoods @rigonis_bistro

Posted by Rigoni's Bistro on Monday, 16 April 2018

Rigoni’s are putting their own spin on Italian charcoal cooking with a focus on fresh local ingredients and modern flavours. How does grilled blue-fin tuna with fennel, lemon salt and coleslaw on a soft roll sound? Or another luxury roll with Hay Valley lamb, black garlic butter, and coleslaw? There’s also the option of Berkshire pork leg with their house-made lemon preserve and coleslaw. We’re totally grabbing all three for ourselves and will not accept any judgement.

If these ‘super sliders’ don’t send you off into NSFW fantasies, don’t worry, there’s also a veggie slider with South Aussie button and Swiss mushrooms marinated in a balsamic reduction with caramelised onions and coleslaw –  those looking for a guilt-free option are well sorted.

You can grab all of this splendour for a tenner at Rigoni’s stall in Charred. The team will be at the grill from 11am until the end of Tasting Australia this Sunday! Which leaves us plenty of time to eat through their menu, and everyone around them!


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