Review: What Are SILK Laser Clinic’s Dermal Peels Actually Like


It’s winter and your skin is suffering, the cold wind, the heated rooms just dry your skin out and layers of moisturiser don’t seem to make much of a difference. This usually means that our skin is overdue for a major  rejuvenation session.

SILK Laser might be known mostly for their laser hair removal treatments but it should be noted that they have a comprehensive range of skin care treatments. From LED light treatment, laser redness reduction and microneedling; however, what I visited SILK Laser for was an overdue checkup and the most welcoming treatment was SILK Laser clinics popular Dermal Peels.

First time visitors will be given a relatively hefty form that outlines your skin type, skin issues, previous treatments and anything that your skin technician will need to consider before treating you. Then in a conversation with your skin technician will go through the list with you and ask for further details.

Innovative start to your treatment is SILK Laser is the Observ 520 Skin Analysis Scan which shows in just 5 different images the effect of fine lines/wrinkles, oils, pores, congestion, pigmentation and it visually tracks the skin to its future condition.

After a thorough cleansing (which translates roughly to a face massage), my helpful skin technician Samira gave me the rundown on the benefits of dermal skin peels. Outlining how the blend of active vitamins, peptide and antioxidants cleanse and repair your skin. I was recommended the Pumpkin Peel which is a peel that most clients are started on as the other peels can be harsh on unprepared skin.

The peel is left onto your face for 5-10 minutes where you might feel a little warm and certainly tingly at the start but that very quickly abates and you can just enjoy the soft pumpkin scent!

Other peels that SILK Laser provide include a Pomegranate Peel, Oxygenating Peel, Biowhite Peel, Catalyst Retinol Peel and an Alpha Beta Peel, and the are more intense as we go down the line. Not to worry if these don’t make sense, your consultant will not only observe your skin to find what will work best, they will also recommend what’s best.

Leaving SILK Laser my skin felt smooth, clear and not feeling the effects of the cold wind! Overall, it’s an outing that most women should consider when your skin is feeling unhappy, if not just for the novelty of seeing every facet of your skin with the Observ 520.

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