Review: Peter Hook And The Light At The Gov- Substance Tour


In the third instalment in the trilogy series of tours, Peter Hook and The Light never failed to deliver the goods with both New Order & Joy Division’sSubstance‘ albums. Kicking off with New Order’s tracks first, Hook and bandmates including his son Jack Bates (Bass), Paul Kehoe (Drums), David Potts (Guitar/Vocals), and Martin Rebelski replacing Andy Poole (Keyboards) were incredibly tight as they cranked out the electronic goods including the iconic anthems Blue Monday, Shellshock, and Bizarre Love Triangle along with some other surprises thrown in from Movement. The energy coming out of each song was exceptional, with Hook’s vocals serving the songs with the same level of commitment and inflection as the late Ian Curtis would have done had he lived, according to Hook in our March 2017 interview here.

Peter Hook’s setlist- Adelaide

Apart from calling for a drunk patron to ‘get the fook out for being a twat’, Hook was in great spirits and the energy among the crowd was matched throughout. The current lineup is solid, with Bates is a formidable force on 2nd Bass as he follows his dad’s lead whilst most certainly holding his own as an accomplished player. The double bass attack adds another dimension to the tracks. Kehoe on Drums, sporting an impressive ‘Unknown Pleasures’ tattoo on his forearm, is impeccably well timed and clearly loving his lot in life as a member of The Light. Pottsy on Guitar and vocals has a great rapport with Hook, and this is evident as the pair exchange casual smiles mid song and Rebelski was faultless on Keyboards, an essential element in the signature New Order/Joy Division sound. All in all, The Light are a tour de force in their own right.

After finishing the New Order set with 1963, the band took a quick break before re-emerging to perform the Joy Division set. This is where Hook brings out the big guns- with him it’s all about the bass! The crowd were mostly over 40, the stalwarts like myself who probably own the original albums, but it was great to see younger fans in the mix really getting into the music and discovering what was an amazing era for bands who went on to shake things up.

Having seen all three shows in this anthology, Hook tells the musical story of Warsaw, Joy Division, and New Order in such a way that can only be done through delivering the songs of these great bands, whose post-punk legacy remains cemented in history.

Dedicating Atmosphere to his mate Ian Curtis in a moving tribute, Hooky went on to finish the set with Love Will Tear Us Apart, and after 3 hours of solid playing left the stage to an uproarious applause from a satisfied crowd.

And thus concluded the third show in a pool of sweat and memories- until next time lads!

The Melbourne Shows are sold out, but there’s still a show in Perth remaining- don’t miss it !


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