Review: After 22 Years, Take That Returns To Adelaide

Review by Elle Whyatt
Adelaide’s had a lot of patience, waiting for Take That to return for their first concert in 22 years, and boy, we were in for a treat. 
Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald had the Monday night audience up on their feet from the moment they walked on stage. Their energy and incredible level of fitness was evident from the first song, Shine.
Jumping around on stage, hitting absolutely every note, and pulling out some 90’s dance moves meant the crowd could do nothing more than join in the fun. 

And there was something for everyone, a good mix of 90’s favourites including Relight My Fire, Pray and A Million Love Songs had us all feeling like teenagers again. Then hits like The Flood, Giants and their 2017 collaboration with British DJ duo Sigma, had diehard fans wanting more.
Their natural sync and love for each other was on show, and the stunning harmonies, especially from Howard gave a depth to their songs. While early on in their career, Gary Barlow may have been seen as the lead singer, these days, Mark and Howard showcase their unique vocal abilities heading some of the crowd’s favourite songs of the night. Their 1993 hit, Babe, was sung by Mark, and the entire audience sang along.
Half way through the show, as they started with their come-back hit, Patience, Adelaide turned on a show, sending thanks to the band with 1000 signs “We’ve had a LOT of Patience” being held up (Editors note: this *may* have been organised by Elle). Gary and the boys were gob-smacked and their gratitude was obvious with Gary breaking into a laugh after the first line of the song. 
Encoring with Rule The World, Back for Good and then Never Forget as their signature sign-off song, Adelaide will surely remember how 3 men from Manchester made them feel on this hot November night.

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