Relaxation Coming Soon To The City With New Adelaide-First Concept


We’re sure you can all agree that sometimes the stress of work and balancing our daily life can all get a bit too much. Sometimes all we need is a short break to relax and reboot. Luckily for us Adeladians, we have the perfect remedy coming to the city streets in just over a month.

The Zen Room promises to be the perfect place to unwind, de-stress and boost your inner health and happiness. It’s the first of its kind in Australia, and it will be right here in the heart of the city. Aimed to support the sense of mindfulness and peace in our community, The Zen Room offers an informal collection of modern meditation practices designed to eliminate stress, anxiety, increase inner-body calmness and improve your productivity.

The founder, Emma Wallace, has been involved in dance/choreography and movement/meditation all her life. She has a deep understanding of the importance of the mind/body connection.

The Zen Room has taken traditional meditation and weaved it beautiful into a contemporary tradition. Their sessions provide unique audio-guided tracks that make meditation easy, effortless, and effective.
It’s contemporary designed studio honours the traditions of meditation while infusing modern design and technology delivered through a multi-sensory immersive experience using light, sound, scent and inner reflection.

They’ll be offering many different types of sessions, each based around a particular area. These include sessions focusing on Calmness, Creativity, Happiness, Productivity, Radiance, Strength and Visualisation. There will also be Deep Breath sessions to work with the nervous system, Deep Sound sessions and Deep Rest sessions to relax and rejuvenate your body.

The Zen Room are aiming to open on the 30th of July and will provide both private and group sessions as well as offering company/group packages.

This sounds like the perfect place to visit in your lunch break or after a long day work to unwind and relax. We can’t wait to try one of their meditation sessions!

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any more information as it comes!


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