Newly Discovered Ruby Chocolate Is Launching In San Churro’s


Lovers of chocolate and San Churro alike will be pleased to hear that the popular dessert venue is incorporating a fascinating new menu into its chocolateria’s. The Ruby Red menu will be launching on the 10th of September and to adequately celebrate this new chocolates rollout in Australia, San Churro’s nationwide are holding a tasting experience.

Ruby Chocolate was discovered last year as the fourth naturally forming type of chocolate to join the ranks of milk, white and dark. First discovered by a Belgian-Swiss cocoa company, it is the newest discovery in more than 80 years. It’s gorgeous berry-like flavours are unlocked from naturally occurring elements in the Ruby cocoa bean.

San Churro, being the first Australian retailer to launch Ruby Chocolate, will be holding a tasting experience where guests are invited for an hour long, two-parter, dine-in experience. Opening with an expertly curated and narrated chocolate tasting that’ll go over the history of chocolate alongside tasting notes of San Churro’s lusciously smooth dark, milk, white and Ruby varieties.

Part two will introduce guests to a dramatic dessert reveal with San Churro’s legendary made-to-order Spanish churros covered in velvety smooth Ruby chocolate, all enveloped in a scented berry mist. We’re guessing this’ll be a dessert you have to ‘gram.

San Churro’s on Gouger St will be hosting the Adelaide nights, starting on the 10th of September. You can find tickets HERE.

Where: 43 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000
When: Monday 10 September 2018
Tickets: $35pp (booking not included)


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